A good way to get to know us is to read the brief we wrote to design our logo.

What Is The Background Here?
There are lots of categories/labels for communications firms these days.  “Content” firms.  “Brand consulting” firms.  “Integrated” firms.  “Interactive” firms.  Well we’re a group of people who create ads and thus, call it an “ad shop,” purely, plainly, simply.  If we wanted to sound like a law firm, we woulda used last names. 

Who Is The Audience?
Business leaders and marketers who need creative communications to help their products, places, services and experiences make an impact… and make a sale.

What Do They Currently Think?
They know ad agencies and the pros (can come up with some really good stuff) and cons (can be expensive and incredible pains in the dupa who can’t get out of their own way to save their lives). At the same time, they have projects they need done and are open to whoever can help them solve a problem. When they’re evaluating agencies, they want folks that feel dependable, professional and not afraid to take a fresh approach.

What Do We Want Them To Think?
These guys at Wicked Right Hook believe in the formidable power of creativity to propel a brand, product, service, idea, issue or cause forward.  They’re not trying to reinvent the world.  They’re not high ego or high maintenance…more just high on life.  And they clearly don’t take themselves too seriously.  In fact, they have a little moxie.  

What Is The Key Take-Away?
Wicked Right Hook makes good ads. If I want to open up a can on the competition, I should call these hombres. 

What Additional Information Might Help?
Should feel like there is an intentional playfulness of the name. That is the combo really:  punch and play. Not coincidentally, often that is what the ads we make have — some punch and some play. Our logo should have that feeling too.

Not that Antonio Brown has expressed interest, but probably not a good fit for our team-first model.


We’re Republicans. We’re Democrats. We’re tired of the whole thing.

We’re Christians. We’re Jews. We’re okay with those who aren’t sure, provided they don’t insult those who are.

We are men. We are women.

We’re into suspense thrillers. Coming-of-age flicks. Biopics. Comedies. And definitely underdog stories.

We drink IPAs, and regular old beer. And coffee. Lots of coffee. And milkshakes.

We are multi-disciplined. We come from cities, we come from small towns and some of us even come from small countries.

We do the kind of work you see at the top of the page.


Lots of shops these days have incredibly complex processes. Some are even trademarked. Other things that were trademarked: Daewoo Cars North America, the XFL, Zima.

Some swear to convert brand followers to Brand Maniacs. True story. We couldn’t make up something so desperately asinine.

Some have steps. Some have phases. Some have stages. None are guaranteed to produce interesting work. Be assured we can trot out a process and lay out a smart plan, six ways from Sunday. However, to know us best, take a look at our work.

Pictured: The strategic process at some agencies.


No other business function allows for such applied imagination as advertising. Creativity in accounting gets you in an orange jump suit. Creativity in advertising gets you customers. With that in mind, we bring you our rotating tribute to things we find interesting.

When we told him the name of the firm, our copywriting friend Greg pointed out this quote by Teddy Roosevelt.

“The unforgiveable crime is soft hitting. Never hit softly.”

How true and what a parallel to the ad business. If you’re planning for an ad campaign to be vanilla, our advice is save the money.